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Fast Facts About Calvert CountySouthern Maryland's Calvert County is a rapidly growing waterfront community, located approximately 25 miles southeast of Washington, D. C. Prince Frederick, the County Seat, is centrally located in the heart of this historic county. Calvert's peninsular geography allows it to be served easily by a dualized highway running the entire length of the county, and navigable water is never more than five miles away.


Calvert County was founded in 1654 and is rich in historical attractions. The region has been largely rural, with its economy dependent upon agriculture and seafood. However, the recent inclusion of Calvert to the Washington Metropolitan Statistical Area has fueled rapid growth in population and business.


The average effective buying income in Calvert County in 2001 was over $63,000 almost $12,000 higher than the national average.

Calvert is the fastest growing county in Maryland. Population in 2000 was over 74,000, with a 45% growth from 1990 to 2000.

Calvert County had the largest increase in personal income in the state between 1999 and 2000. Also, between 1998 and 2001, the county's unemployment rate has dropped 44%.x

Congestion in the counties adjoining D. C. has contributed to Calvert's growth. New residents are attracted to our waterfront communities, our affordable land and housing, and our tranquil way of life.

A few Brief Economic Facts about Calvert CountyIncentives attracting businesses from neighboring counties to the area include the relatively low tax rates, availability of large sites at modest prices, good highway access to employment centers, and population growth.

Economic Development

Calvert's Department of Economic Development and Tourism is committed to cooperation with business, citizens and government to enhance the economy and way of life in the county. The Department's objectives are to create new permanent jobs, expand and diversify the tax base, and to attract more tourists.


Large shopping centers have recently been built in Dunkirk and Prince Frederick. In the Solomons area a small shopping center was added less than 10 years ago, and a 90-acre business park is less than a year old. There are currently four shopping centers in Prince Frederick alone. More centers, large and small, are planned.


The Calvert Industrial Park, a 225-acre project, is located 5 miles from Prince Frederick. There are plans to develop an additional 80 acres there. A new 90-acre business park, less than a year old, is also planned for the Solomons area. Other industrial sites comprise an additional 75 acres of property.

Tourism in Calvert County - Charm of the ChesapeakeTourism

Calvert County has an amazing array of attractions for tourists: beaches, the Calvert Cliffs, the Chesapeake Bay and Patuxent River, numerous historical sites, nature parks, museums and numerous others. Warm months bring visitors seeking to enjoy the busy waterfront towns of Solomons, Chesapeake Beach, Long Beach and Broomes Island, to name a few.

. . . the land of pleasant living.

Calvert County is 213 square miles and is part of the Washington, D. C. Metropolitan Statistical Area. It is situated on a peninsula bounded by the Chesapeake Bay on the east and the Patuxent River on the west. The county's northern boundary is 17 miles from Washington's Capital Beltway.

Calvert County is a flourishing locale for your business.

Call us to learn more about Calvert and the properties suitable for your business and come experience the land of pleasant living!

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